Equipments to be prepared for online lesson.

Equipments for Online Lesson

Equipments need to be prepared for online lesson.

Please prepare headset and webcam for your PC. Exceptions if microphone, speaker and webcam are already built into your PC. You also need broad-band internet. Please install Skype from Skype Official Page in case you don’t have it on your computer.

(1) Personal computer and Monitor.
You need to have Windows XP, Vista7/8 or Mac OS equipped on your PC. More than 1GHz processor, and more than 56MB RAM is required.

(1) Internet connection.
We recommend you broadband internet access like ADSL, optical fiber, cable TV line.

(3) Additional equipments:
If your PC isn’t equipped with a headset or webcam, please purchase a headset and webcam from your local PC shop or an online like AMAZON.

(4) Skype
Skype v5 Please install Skype v5 to your PC from Skype Official site. Learn the how to of it beforehead if you are not familiar with it.

(5) Textbook
We don’t ask you to buy textbooks. You may build your lesson with or without textbooks. Please consult with your instructor on how to proceed with your lesson.

We recommend that you learn how to use Skype before you start your lesson. You can also proceed without a camera if you wish to learn with only voices.