Basic Business English

Here are the basic components of business English below. Examples of conversations, term and expression in business scene are appeared more often compared to dairy conversation.

 1) Greetings on formal and business occasion
 2) Introduction of yourself, your company, products, and services.
 3) Telephone interaction
 4) Numeric expression of prices and specifications etc.
 5) Speaking and listening, on technical terms and jargons.
 6) Writing on business letters, mail, report and invoices.
 7) Presentation.
 8) Discussion at meetings, video conferences, and negotiations.
 9) Readings of documents.
 10) Preparing your resume and portfolio

You might find some quick answers on the Internet for vocabularies and expression you need to know. Although many of them are just an example and suggestion of typical phrases and terms but they cannot respond to every situations. In order to widen your business field, you will need to know and be able to pick up words in accordance with the situation from your wide knowledge.

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Intensive course in business conversation?

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